The Abnormal and Being Uncomfortable with It


Maybe we should be uncomfortable with what we consider normal.

I was on Twitter last night, and a tweet about Saints Row and the games dildo bat caught my eye. The tweet led to a link where there was a post about the dildo bat, and how it should be removed from the game. The article featured a series of tweets posted by Cliff Bleszinski, and him stating that Volition should drop the dildos if they want to find success in the industry, and if the average guy is embarrassed to be playing a certain sequence in a game with his wife around, there’s a problem. A lot of people have agreed with Cliff, I am one who does not.

Why are we uncomfortable swinging around a dildo bat while a girlfriend, or family member is around? It’s because it’s not part of our mainstream culture. People will look at you as a weirdo, and pervert while using the dildo bat, but yet they won’t blink while you’re shooting a civilian, or driving over a person in the game. They don’t blink at that, because it’s something we’re conditioned to. From movies, news and everyday life, we hear about shootings and hit and runs. Dildo bats, and sexual related items in general are not a part of the mainstream discussion, and that’s why it’s so looked down on. Some people will say the dildo bat is immature, but they’re having a great time killing innocent pedestrians in the game.


The dildo bat is not the issue, it’s people being uncomfortable with something they are not used to seeing, or hearing about in their daily activities. I remember how shocked people were when Manhunt came out, and now it’s not a big deal anymore. Saints Row has always been about being over the top, and silly, so that’s why the dildo bat fits right in with the game. I’m sure Saints Row would be just as crazy without the inclusion of the dildo bat, but I see no reason why it should be removed. People will always be offended by something, but developers can’t crack under those voices.

Saints Row is selling less than Grand Theft Auto, because it’s still a young series, not because it has a dildo bat in it. The Rockstar name factors into sales, too. Volition is pretty well known, but if you ask the average gamer which name they recognize, most of them will tell you Rockstar.  It’s idiotic to think that one item in a game is holding it back from massive sales. Volition needs to keep doing what they’re doing, and they’ll find plenty of success.

It’s good that people have opinions, and it’s even better that they share them with us, but to call for something so minor like a dildo bat to be taken out of a game is just silly. I do understand that it’s not part of our everyday lives to see such an item, but hopefully we can all have a big laugh about it one day, and realize it wasn’t a big deal.



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