Q & A with FuturLab’s James Marsden


I ask FuturLab’s Managing Director, James Marsden about the upcoming Velocity Ultra, and more.

For those that may not know, FuturLab are the developers behind the Velocity and Coconut Dodge PlayStation minis. They have also developed Surge, Beats Slider and Fuel Tiracas for PlayStation Mobile.  Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s get on to the Q & A.


Tony: When did the idea to make Velocity Ultra come about, and why was the Vita the platform of choice?

James Marsden: Developing Velocity for PS Vita was our first choice, but our timing was off, so instead we decided to try and make Velocity the best game on the minis platform. We figured if we exceeded expectations we’d be able to stand out, get noticed, and hopefully get Velocity taken further with publisher support. Fortunately that plan has worked out.

 When Sony asked us to revisit Velocity as a native HD version, we said yes please. We’re now able to give the game an artistic treatment that does the mechanics justice.

Tony: You just announced that Velocity Ultra will have a Platinum trophy. How hard was it to get the Platinum approved?

Marsden: It wasn’t hard, but that’s because we are standing on the shoulders of some awesome fans. We directed Sony to some comments in the forums and on the PlayStation Blog, and the review comments we received about Velocity not belonging on minis due to the amount of content on offer, and Sony did the rest. Quoting Lorenzo Grimaldi, who managed the approval on our behalf: “It’s a great example of how the community can influence a game if the developer and the platform owner are willing to listen and work together towards the same goal.”

Tony: With Velocity Ultra releasing, could we see more FuturLab games being remade?

Marsden: Coconut Dodge is being given the HD treatment, but that’s all we’ve got planned at present.

Tony: You guys have released three games on the PlayStation Mobile platform. Can we expect more releases in the future?

Marsden: PlayStation Mobile was fun to work on – we managed to get some games out very quickly. Most of our current ideas are bigger in scale than PlayStation Mobile, but if we have any smaller ideas we may put some more games out, sure.

Tony: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Marsden: Just want to say thanks for spotting our potential and shouting loudly in support of what we’re trying to accomplish. There’s plenty more where this came from, so please subscribe to our website and help spread the word that our games are worth playing.  :)


I’d like to thank James for taking the time to answer my questions, and I hope you all enjoyed the read.

As James said, be sure to subscribe to their website, and you can do so here.  You can follow FuturLab on Twitter @FuturLab



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