Dig It: Thoughts on Terraria


I dig down deep into the world of Terraria, and come back to the surface with some thoughts.

I find myself dumped into the world of Terraria with a few tools at my disposal, but nothing else. I pull out my pickaxe, and begin to dig up the dirt ground around me in hopes of collecting enough to build a temporary home. I have my homes structure built, but I need to chop down some trees, so I can make my house complete. I find a row of trees not far from my home, and start to chop them down with my axe. After I’ve gathered more than enough wood to make a work bench, I head back home. As I approach my house, I run into a Slime, and I must fight it. I pull out my wooden sword, kill it, and collect it’s gel. I get to my house just before the sun sets. I craft my work bench, I make my dirt walls, and I make a door for my house. I need light, then I remember I can use the gel from the Slime I killed with some wood to make a torch. Finally, I set up a chair, and let out a sigh. I feel safe from the Zombies, and Demon Eyes that lurk in the night.  The night passes, and the sun rises once again, and now I’m ready to start my journey.

The main goal of Terraria is to explore the world that you are put in, and fight the bosses that are spread throughout the world. You can dig all the way down to the Underworld, or you can build up to the sky, and search for floating islands. You can build small houses, or a large mansion, it’s all up to you. When a house is built, and it has a table, chair, a proper light source, and a door, an NPC will move it. The first NPC to move in will be the Guide. The Guide is there to give you tips, and information about the world. A total of eleven NPC’s will be available to you throughout the game. To make sure the NPC’s move into your house, you’ll have to expand it, and build enough rooms for them to stay in. All of the NPC’s except the Guid will have items to sell you, and they’ll give you additional information.

There’s a number of things I love about Terraria, but the crafting, and co-op have to be my favorites. Building new weapons, tools, and armor is a total blast. Having just enough materials to craft a weapon that’s better than your current one, putting together a full set of armor, so you’re able to fight the tougher enemies is great fun. You can find amazing gear in chests, but it doesn’t beat the feeling of gathering materials, and crafting your own stuff. You put in the hours of mining or killing enemies for materials, not waiting to have the gear handed to you, and man, that’s a fantastic feeling. When you’re able to make a house out of other materials, that’s  a damn satisfying feeling, too.

The co-op in Terraria is really fun. It’s a great way to get materials faster, defeat bosses easier, and it’s just neat having other players sharing the enjoyment with each other. The co-op can be turned into a PvP deathmatch for those who just want to fight each other, or let off some steam after a failed boss battle. The co-op becomes ten times more fun when you’re playing with a group of people you know, and can trust. If you play with random people, be prepared for a chance of them stealing items from your chests, or even destroying your house.

Terraria features boss battles, and the bosses will give you materials needed to craft certain items, while some must be defeated to gain access to other parts of the world, and even unlocking a new difficulty level. The two major bosses are the Wall of Flesh, and Skeletron. Skeletron must be defeated to have full access to the Dungeon. The Dungeon is a large underground area with new enemies, and new items. The new items are located in gold chests, that can only be unlocked with golden keys found in the Dungeon. The Wall of Flesh is normally the last boss you’ll face in normal mode. Defeating the Wall of Flesh will turn your world into Hardmode.  Hardmode introduces new enemies, and harder variations of the bosses you faced in normal mode.

The console version of Terraria does not come without it’s set of issues. The console version suffers from game breaking, and console freezing problems. These issues are mainly found in co-op. The first major issues is the console freezing after beating a boss in co-op. If you you are a guest in someones world, and a boss is defeated, you’ll more than likely experience a console freeze, or get booted back to the dashboard. The second issue is you’re console freezing, again. There are certain weapons in Terraria, that if used while playing co-op, freeze everyone, expect the person who used that weapon. These issues can impact co-op on the consoles, and force players to not use those weapons. 505 Games, the developers responsible for the console ports are aware of these issues, and are hard at work making a patch to fix these problems.

Terraria is one of most open, and do what you want games I’ve ever played. You can spend hundred of hours playing Terraria, and you’ll still be finding new items along the way to keep you coming back. The co-op adds even more hours to the experience, especially if you’re playing it with someone you know. I could keep going on about Terraria, but if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find a Hellforge.

Terraria is a 2D, open world, craft, build, destroy, Minecraft like game, that released on PC in 2011, this past March on PS3/Xbox360, and this Summer on PlayStation Vita.



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