About Us

ur timeline began with a small free forum displaying news and various PSP named content.  It became apparent that we were growing in an exponential growth and needed to expand. As we continued to add more categories the limited forum couldn’t handle our needs. It was then time to expand into a more dedicated website. Through hard efforts and long hard hours trying to rebuild what was already in our grasp,  it had failed, slightly. Work hours and family matters came into play, in that matter. A year later, things have settled, add a dash of sleepless nights and long days; we officially created:

CTwisted.com Logo

We welcome you to join us in this new journey as we unleash our @COOPBros Podcast, Game Reviews, and much more!

This of course is only the beginning, with time you can expect more features, more sociability, and improving UI.


Our Mission:

To continually expand our community and develop a user friendly interface, to interact and react in the ever changes of  social advances. We strive to provide you with content from any possible angle. As well of course, our own private opinion on certain topics. (As it should be)


Twist Your Imagination