9.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics : 10/10
Multiplayer : NA/10

Incredible visual style, well crafted puzzles, excellent soundtrack

Minor pick up and dropping objects hiccups, some trial and error while standing on lighted areas

What started off as an award winning flash game by Eyebrow Interactive, Closure shines it’s light on PSN.

Game Info

GAME NAME: Closure

DEVELOPER(S): Eyebrow Interactive

PUBLISHER(S): Eyebrow Interactive


GENRE(S): Puzzle

RELEASE DATE(S): March 27, 2012


Closure is a puzzle game that uses a light and dark mechanic to solve puzzles. The games black and white visuals are a great fit for the puzzle mechanics and just give the game a great look overall. The visuals could be compared to Playdead’s LIMBO, but Closure takes black and white to a higher level.

The game starts you off in a hub world with three doors, each of which have 24 puzzles, and their own theme.  The three themed areas have their own special mechanics, but all three will always feature  light orbs, lamps, and lighted boxes.  These items will help you in making a path that would normally be hidden by the dark. The main goal of each puzzle is to reach a door to complete the level, and move on to the next puzzle. Reaching the doors is never easy as you have darkness, which will kill you for the most part, blocking your path. To solve this, you’ll be using turn-able lamps, light orbs that you can carry, lighted boxes you can move by walking into them, and more to light a path to the door. Some doors will be locked, and will require a key that you will find within the level. The darkness can also be your friend, helping you fall to other lighted  parts of the level, jumping over lighted obstacles, and other means.

The music in Closure has a very dark, eerie tone to it, which fits the vibe of the game very well. The music will change in sound depending on if you’re on the ground, or in water. The controls are very simplistic with only using two buttons, one for jumping and one one for grabbing objects. In later levels you will be introduced to a couple new mechanics, which will add a few new buttons to the mix. As I’ve stated earlier, the black and white visuals are just great to look at. While some people will scream out that Closure is just an art game based on it’s look, I personally feel that if  it wasn’t black and white, the light and dark mechanics would be much less effective.

The main problem I had with Closure was picking up objects.  I would find myself next to a light orb trying to pick it up, but would ultimately have me grabbing air. There’s also times when you have to put the orb into a stand, and that can sometimes be hit, or miss. The game does let you know when you are able to pick up, or place an item by having those objects glow, but even then I would run into an issue at times.  The other issue is not knowing how much of the lighted area you can stand on before falling into the darkness. These two issues rarely come up,  but can be frustrating when trying to solve a puzzle.

Closure is a well crafted puzzle game with a unique look, and fantastic mechanics, that bring a freshness to the puzzle genre.  If you’re a fan of puzzle games, you owe it to yourself to give Closure a try. I look forward to what Eyebrow Interactive puts on the table next.


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