Hungry Giraffe

9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 10/10
Multiplayer: NA/10

Great Graphics for a mini!

No Online interaction to compete on scores, but is only a limitation due to being a mini

Game Info

GAME NAME: Hungry Giraffe

DEVELOPER(S): Laughing Jackal

PUBLISHER(S): Laughing Jackal LTD


GENRE(S): Strategy Endless climber

RELEASE DATE(S): Week of Feb, 1st 2012 for Ps+/ Feb 15 for PSN


Laughing Jackal has come out with another great mini on PSN / SEN! Hungry Giraffe!Hungry Giraffe

In this strategy endless climber you must feed the giraffe to keep its neck expanding through the layers of our atmosphere  and even into Outer Space! As you continue to expand the giraffe’s seemingly never ending neck, the background changes from a forest type environment to a UFO, a space city and even deep into what we know of our constellations.

Sounds simple enough? Well into the mix of things there are several objects and purposely placed anvils to stop you on your adventure.

Before we get into that, lets talk a bit about the food and other objects this giraffe can ingest to either improve your chances at reaching the final level or even potentially cause you to fail.

In this game you will encounter:

The Fast Food

  • HG Hamburger Hamburger
Hamburger’s, as well as the other fast foods give you the most boost. Hamburger’s being the strongest boost
  • HG Taco Taco’s
Who doesn’t love a good taco? Well this giraffe is definitely a fan with this being the 2nd strongest boost
  • HG Sandwich Sandwiches
Border-lining on nutrition the sandwiches give you more boost than any of the nutrition based foods to eat but is the lowest of all the fast foods.
  • HG French Fries French Fries
French fries with a helping of salt to give this giraffe just enough of a “pick me up” to get him to that next food will be the 3rd greatest boost


The Nutrition

  • HG strawberries Strawberries
Strawberries are one of my favorites but when it comes to giving you that little boost for this giraffe, it starts to lack the chocolate dipped tip.
  • HG Apple Apples
This nice juicy looking apple gives our giraffe just what he needs to keep him going, although not as great as any fast food (due to the lack of caramel) this gives him the best boost out of these two nutritious snacks.


The Laughing Jackal twists!

  • HG HardhatThe Hardhat

These will be your life savers at times, when collected they stay stored on the bottom right hand corner of your screen for future use. You can only collect up to three of them. When activated by pressing the (X) button it will boost you up for approx. 5 seconds and will be able to eat anything without slowing you down.

  • HG Poison The Poison

Although the hardhat seems like a game killer, in terms of making it too easy, these little bad boys will cause you to throw up and in turn loose one hardhat.

  • HG Dumbell Dumbbells

Now for these I believe they meant to use:

Back to business, the dumbbells do what you may believe they do. Weigh you down.  As the poor giraffe continues to try and swallow the dumbbell, it will n0t go much higher than the bare minimum.  Of course you can use a Hardhat to override it or even a pepper.

  • HG pepperPeppers

These hot things are a just what this giraffe needs for a real quick pick me up. It boosts him up in a fiery rage that allows him to swallow through anything for a short burst of time.

  • HG DrugsDrugs (hallucinogen)

This bad boy gets you seeing all sorts of colors and even inverts your x-axis (left and right) so user beware.


Overall this game concept is pretty straight forward. As you progress, the position of anvils, yes there are also anvils as I previously stated, change in pattern and are precisely placed to cause you to hit them as you try to reach for that hardhat or pepper. Some of the patterns even cause you to eat a poison or drug to dwindle your chances at succeeding. Are you hungry enough?

The replay-ability can be limited to just obtaining the trophies. Of course if you have someone else at home or a friend who can beat your score, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

You can always keep up with  @Laughing_Jackal through their twitter. Or just visit their site

Here is their launch trailer via Youtube.



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