The Simpsons Arcade

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Multiplayer: 10/10

Graphics are as good as they get in Arcade ports. Multiplayer includes Local with online

It is short for those of you who don't like repetitive games

Game Info

GAME NAME: The Simpsons Arcade

DEVELOPER(S): Backbone Entertainment / Konami


PLATFORM(S): PS3, Xbox360

GENRE(S): Fighting Action

RELEASE DATE(S): US:February 7, 2012


With Arcade-style games slowly becoming a thing of the past, Konami punches through with a classic game to modern day consoles. This coin-gobbling game combined two amazing features to the gaming world. Arcade and well what better classic cartoon than The Simpsons.

For the Experienced: Those of you who have had a chance to play this classic in the arcades and more than likely spent more than 30$ on it overall will know how addictive this two button fighting action game can be.

Simpsons GamePlay


As a Bonus! The game includes the Japanese-Rom. This Rom was originally said to be “TOO EASY” (believe me, it is.) and therefore Konami then recreated the game as an American Rom.

The differences in The roms aren’t limited in just difficulty.



The Japanese Rom includes:

  • More Weapons (Atomic Bomb)
  • More Fruit
  • Difference in visuals (Not many but one is including the end)


For the Inexperienced:  The game’s main story line is the Simpsons family trying to rescue Maggie from the evil plotting Waylon Smithers. As he runs out of a store the Simpsons collide with the door and Maggie ends up replacing her pacifier with his diamond (Which he likely stole). In an effort to get out of the scene quickly he runs off with Maggie in hand.


It is now up to The Simpsons Family to rescue Maggie!


  • Marge: With her trusty Vacuum
  • Homer: With his mighty Fists of fury
  • Bart: With his Cowabung’in Skateboard
  •  Lisa: With her umm.. Jump-rope?

Figured she would use her Sax.

-Fight your way through 8 varying levels of Bosses, baddies, and even.. Yes you read right A BEAR!

Bear Boss From the Simpsons








This game features excellent COOP action, with using COOP special moves

  • Marge + Homer = A spinning Wrath
  • Bart+ Lisa = A holding hand Screaming Frenzy Tantrum

Simpsons Tag Team Moves

  • Lisa + Homer = Lisa gets on Homer’s shoulder and strikes people with her Jump-Rope
  • Bart + Homer = Bart gets on Homer’s shoulder and Whacks people with his Board.
  • Marge + Either Child = She picks them up and throws them in a straight line. (Boomerang-like)

Parents Tag Team













Final Verdict: This game definitely brings back some Classic Memories. The graphics were based off the same engine Konami used for The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and for a 20 year port into the console world it isn’t half bad. This game is definitely a must for those feeling nostalgia or even just a quick down and Beat ’em up game.


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