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By Tony, August 19, 2013 0 News, PC, PS3, Xbox360

It’s the 1960’s, aliens have invaded and it’s up to you and your crew to eliminate the threat. Do you have what it takes to lead them to victory?

By Tony, May 7, 2013 0 News, PC, PS3, Xbox360

See the President in action, and get a look at the aliens in this new trailer for Saints Row IV.

By Tony, April 6, 2013 0 CTwisted Originals

I dig down deep into the world of Terraria, and come back to the surface with some thoughts.

By Tony, March 28, 2013 1 CTwisted Originals, News

I ask Laughing Jackal’s Community Manager, Ross Brierley about Hungry Giraffe on Vita, thoughts on PlayStation Mobile, and much more.

By Tony, March 15, 2013 0 News, PC, PS3, Xbox360

Superpowers, super guns, and way over the top. Saints Row 4 is here.